Barite Powder Processing Plant Working Site In Sichuan

Barite Powder Processing Plant Working Site In Sichuan

Machine introduction :

HGM Three-ring four-ring micro powder grinding mill

Applications: Calcium carbonate crushing, gypsum crushing, power plant desulfurization, non-metallic mineral milling, coal powder preparation, etc.

Materials: limestone, calcite, dolomite, barite, talc, gypsum, quartz, bentonite, etc.

Feed particle size: ≤20mm Production: 0.5-12T/H


HGM three/ four ring roller micro grinding mill (medium speed micro grinding mill) draws on Swedish grinding technology, based on the development trend and demand of domestic mill market, a new equipment designed for users of ultra-fine powder processing. It is mainly suitable for non-flammable and explosive materials with a Mohs hardness of 7 or less and a humidity of 6% or less, such as barite, calcite, calcium carbonate, dolomite and talc.

Working principle

HGM medium-speed micro grinding mill complete equipment includes: hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage bin, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, main machine, classifier, diffused double cyclone powder collector, pulse dust collector, high pressure fan ,silencer.
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The main motor drives the main shaft and each layer of the turntable through the reducer, and the turntable drives dozens of ring rolls to roll and rotate in the grinding ring raceway through the pin. The bulk material is broken into small particles by the crusher and then sent to the storage bin by the hoist. The electromagnetic vibrating feeder sends the material evenly to the middle of the upper turntable. The material is scattered to the circumference of the circle under the action of centrifugal force and falls into the The raceway of the grinding ring is punched, rolled, ground and pulverized by the ring roll. The material is pulverized by the first layer and then falls into the second layer and the third layer. The suction of the high-pressure centrifugal fan sucks the outside air into the machine, and The coarse powder after the third layer is pulverized into the classifier. The volute generated by the worm wheel rotating inside the classifier causes the coarse-grained material to fall back to re-grind, and the fine powder enters the cyclone dust collector with the airflow and is discharged by the discharge valve at the lower part thereof, which is a finished product with a small amount of fine dust. The airflow is purified by a pulse dust collector and discharged through a fan and a muffler.

Working site

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Sichuan Barite Powder Processing Plant

Mill: HGM800 three-ring micro powder grinding mill, installed power 118.5KW

Production status

[Materials and Finished Products]: Processing barite, various specifications between 800-2000 mesh

[Production]: 30 tons / day

[Customer evaluation]: As an old customer of Clirik, we are very satisfied with this equipment. Under the same fineness and power consumption of the finished product, the investment cost is lower than that of the jet mill, the payback period is short, but the output is more than 45%, and the loss is Low, at the same time low equipment loss, durable, Clirik is a reassuring brand.

Recommended Products

1. 0-3mm Hammer Mill;

2. 50-325 mesh YGM Raymond Mill;

3. 200-3000 mesh HGM Ultra Fine Mill;

4. 325-3000 mesh CLUM Vertical Roller Mill (2µm>50% ).

  1. Performance characteristics

    Safe and reliable
    There are no rolling bearings and screws in the grinding chamber, which avoids the problem that the bearing is vulnerable and the screw is loose and the equipment is destroyed. The equipment adopts pulse dust collector, equipped with silencer and silencer room, which reduces dust and noise pollution and has good environmental protection effect.
    Low investment efficiency
    Under the same fineness and power consumption of the finished product, the investment cost is lower than that of the jet mill, and the recovery period is short, but the output is higher than 45%.
    Low loss and high fineness
    The wearing parts are made of wear-resistant materials, the service life is more than one year, and the final fineness of the finished product can reach D97≤5μm at one time.


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