Application of barite grinding equipment to different materials

Barite is a non-renewable non-metallic mineral resource. Barite can be used in the grinding process of white pigments, and can also be used as fillers in chemicals, papermaking, and textiles. In the production of glass, it can act as a flux and increase the brightness of the glass. But it is mainly used as a weighting agent in the drilling industry to refine barium. It is widely used as a weighting agent for drilling mud such as oil and natural gas, and the consumption and demand in the fields of barium chemical industry and filler are also increasing year by year. The economic value is extremely high.

Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd. attaches great importance to the efficient use of barite. The company’s milling equipment includes: high-pressure mills, Raymond mills, European coarse mills, and ultra-fine mills. The best equipment for barite.

The application of barite can be divided according to its degree of grinding. Therefore, it needs to be adjusted according to the specific situation. The miller recommends a suitable mill for you. The particle size range of YGM high-pressure mills is relatively wide, and the particle size can reach the specified fineness. The particle size can generally reach about 325 mesh, and a small part of the material can reach 300-2500 mesh.
The ultra-fine powder mill has a strong grinding ability, the particle size of the fine powder product can be adjusted between 300-3000 meshes, and the output can reach kilograms per hour. The European version of the coarse powder mill has two materials in one machine, and the discharge size can be adjusted according to customer requirements. There are many types of CLIRIK mills and a full range of models. New and old customers are welcome to come and consult. For details, please call +86-13917147829.

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