Price is not the decisive factor to buy barite grinding mill

As a consumer, every time we buy something, we may care about its price. Of course, some small things can decide whether to buy by looking at the price, but the value is more important for a barite grinding mill. As a special equipment for ore grinding, the barite grinding mill wants a high-yield, high-performance, high-quality product when purchasing, but there are still many users who have been entangled in the price of the grinding mill for a long time, so Said that the price is not the decisive factor for users to buy the mill, quality and cheap is the key. Then in addition to the price, what aspects should users pay attention to when purchasing the mill?
 HGM ultrafine barite grinding mill

Firstly, it can be selected according to the nature of the ore material.

Such as hardness, humidity and so on. There are many types of ore materials, each of which has different hardness and humidity. The harder the ore material is, the more difficult it is to grind and the damage to the equipment. If the moisture contained in the material is large, it is easy to cause adhesion in the mill, and the process of feeding the material is blocked. These will result in reduced capacity of the mill and affect production.

In addition, it can be selected according to the final product particle size of the ore material.

The same ore is processed into powders of different fineness and can be applied to different industries. Even in the same industry, different fineness powders are also used in high and low grade milling. With the development of ultrafine pulverization technology, the requirements for fineness of mineral powder are getting higher and higher, and the fineness of mineral powder is getting finer and finer. However, the finer the fineness, the greater the pressure on the mill. Different types of mills have their own range of fineness, which is not required for the processing of some ultrafine powders. Therefore, if the fineness of the finished product is higher, the HGM series ultra-fine grinding machine produced by Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. can be used, and the finished product size range can be adjusted between 325-3000 mesh, which can meet different production needs of users.
Not long ago, we went to Uzbekistan to visit our customers. A local customer questioned that the mills they bought in Henan were much cheaper than our machines, but the output was not shrinking. So we did the test, the result is the capacity 1.2tph, the powder fineness of our HGM mill is 23.47 micron, and the machine from Henan is only 80.96 micron. This means that the prices of products that seem to be the same output are very different. We all know that the same applies to the coatings industry. The coarse powder can only be used in low-grade coatings. The high-end coatings require high fineness. 
 barite mill

It is important to choose according to the quality of the mill itself.

Many customers tend to prefer low-priced equipment when they purchase. For different ores, it will definitely cause different degrees of wear for the mill. The mill made of high-quality materials has lower wear and wear than ordinary materials, and the service life is longer, and the failure rate is also Low, creating good conditions for mineral processing, saving more production time and creating more benefits for users
The price is not the decisive factor in the purchase of the mill, so users do not have to worry too much about the price of the mill when purchasing, generally large-scale regular mill manufacturers will not ask for price. Buying a mill is to give it benefits, and a mill that can bring high efficiency is a good mill. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd produces various types of ore milling machines, welcome new and old customers to come and buy. WhatsApp number: +8613917147829

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