How to use the barite Raymond mill correctly?

The barite Raymond mill is a machine that processes non-metallic ores including barite into powders having a fineness of 300 mesh or more.

barite Raymond mill

The barite Raymond mill is a commonly used industrial processing mill equipment, which has an irreplaceable market value in the milling of ore materials.

Due to the different materials, the barite Raymond mill is improved on the basis of the traditional mill, so that the field of processing is continuously expanding to meet the needs of more customers.

In order to ensure production efficiency and save on repair costs, it is necessary to know the correct method of using the barite Raymond mill.

Today, CLIRIK engineers introduce you to the barite Raymond mill.


So, how to use the barite Raymond mill correctly?

raymond grinding mill for barite

1. During the use of barite Raymond mill, there should be fixed personnel responsible for the inspection.

The operator must have a certain level of technology.

Before the installation of the mill, the personnel must be trained in the operation to understand the principle performance of the mill and to familiar with the operation.

Only the process that is familiar with the operation can make the grinding machine equipment be applied to the production process well, and at the same time, the machine efficiency is also greatly improved. This is also the reason, and daily maintenance and maintenance should be done.

2. Before starting the barite Raymond mill

Check the machine for any iron-like debris.

Closed and small observation doors.

Adjust the fan and the main engine to have a turn.

The exhaust valve should be in the fully open position.

Check if the bolts and nuts are loose, especially the bolts and nuts in the main machine should be strictly checked.

3. The starting sequence is:

First start the analyzer and then start the fan, then start the host.

After starting the host, it should be fed immediately (small particles should be added first, now the normal size material is added), then the large air volume valve is opened, and the small exhaust valve is gradually closed.

Under the premise of ensuring that the inlet is not sprayed outside, the exhaust valve should be closed as much as possible. Then adjust the fineness of the finished product.

4. When stopping the barite Raymond mill

Stop the feeding for about one minute before stopping the main machine, then stop the fan and finally stop the analyzer.

5. Feeding control:

The feeding should be uniform. According to the load of the main machine under different feeding amounts (observing the main current meter), the highest output is tested.

It is strictly forbidden to enter the machine with bolts and other iron blocks.

6. Fineness adjustment:

According to materials, soft and hard, water content, specific gravity, processing fineness.

The adjustable speed can be adjusted, the speed is high, the fineness is high, and the output will be correspondingly reduced. If the fineness required by the user is not reached, the air volume of the air duct should be controlled, and the user can flexibly grasp.


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