Reasons for the decline in production of barite Raymond mill

When many users use the barite grinding equipment, they will encounter problems such as a drop in production. The output of the barite Raymond mill directly affects the profitability of the company, and timely discovers the problems affecting the production reduction, and ensuring the output of the product is particularly important. The main reasons affecting the production are the factors of materials and the reasons of the equipment itself. The following mainly introduces the causes and related solutions of the equipment.
Barite Raymond mill production line
1. The locker cannot collect materials normally. The possible reason is that there are some problems in the sealing performance of the locker, which leads to air leakage, so that the finished product is sucked up and cannot be collected normally. The solution under unobstructed conditions is to perform an overall inspection of the sealability of the locker and make appropriate adjustments to increase the amount of powder collected by the locker.
2. The material supply is too much, causing the air duct device to block the scene. The air duct is the main passage for the entire equipment airflow operation, and it is related to whether the entire equipment can run smoothly. The blocked air duct will cause the whole airflow to heat up due to poor exhaust air, and affect the temperature of the motor. The motor temperature rises, the motor current operation at high temperature decreases, the power supply is insufficient, and the running power of the equipment is insufficient, thereby affecting the overall output. The solution to this situation is mainly to adjust the feeder, appropriately reduce the amount of material to be delivered, and at the same time clean the pipeline to remove the accumulated powder in the pipeline. In addition, the valve at the air duct can be properly opened. Larger, control the temperature of the material, ensure that the temperature of the supplied material is not too high, and the feed temperature should generally not exceed 6 °C.
3. The internal blade of the main engine is worn out, and the material cannot be shoveled in time and effectively, so that some materials cannot be ground, and the grinding amount of the material is reduced, resulting in a relative reduction in final output. For the solution of this situation, the degree of wear of the blade can be checked regularly, the blade that needs to be replaced is replaced in time, and the discharge amount of the material is observed in time, and the problem is solved in time.
4. The analysis machine works abnormally. The blades of the analyzer may have different degrees of wear during the long-term operation. The material cannot be classified, the material cannot be effectively classified, and the effective materials cannot be sorted, which affects the output. The solution is mainly to regularly check the blade of the analyzer, replace the damaged blade, and appropriately adjust the air volume of the fan to reduce the amount of air intake.
5. The grinding roller ring in the grinding chamber is seriously worn. The grinding roller grinding ring often grinds hard materials. In the case of long-term use, the shape may be subjected to different degrees of wear and affect the grinding effect. The working performance of the damaged components is greatly reduced, and the material output is affected. In this case, the grinding roller ring can be checked and replaced regularly, and the inside of the main unit should be cleaned in time.
6. The overall airflow of the equipment is unstable, and the air volume is not adjusted. The air volume of the fan is an important link that affects the material collection. A reasonable fan air volume can make the production go smoothly. The problem can be solved by adjusting the air intake of the fan.
7. The fan blades are subject to wear and abrasion, and the powder may adhere to the blades, which may cause the blades to fail to operate normally and affect the final output. Solution, check the degree of blade wear, need to change in time, replace the powder particles attached to the surface of the blade, pay attention to check whether the blade is clean in daily operation, and remove the powder on the blade in time.
8. The upper bearing in the main engine is short of oil, which affects the operation of the whole machine. There may be problems with the quality of the oil used. The viscosity of the oil is too large. If the oil is too thick, the threaded pump oil will not be able to transport the oil to the upper bearing. The bearing will not be lubricated in time, the working efficiency will be reduced, and the grinding output will be affected. Solution: Check the quality of the oil used, and select the oil product with moderate viscosity and thickness.
9. The main engine is not running smoothly, which affects the use effect. It may be loosening of the anchor bolts. Solution: Check the bolts in time and loosen the anchor bolts.
10. The material delivery volume is too small, causing the final component to be affected. Solution: You can check the feeding amount of the equipment, adjust the feeding device, adjust the supply of the material to the appropriate range, and increase the feeding amount reasonably.
There are generally many factors affecting the yield of materials. If the problem of low yield is found, the scientific and reasonable inspection of various parts of the equipment can be carried out to find out the cause of the problem. Sometimes there may be multiple problems at the same time. This requires the relevant technicians to pay attention to the barite. The maintenance of Raymond Milling Equipment and the timely replacement of wearing parts can effectively ensure the production performance of the equipment and ensure the output.
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