Application of Barite Grinding Machine in Textile Industries

As we all know, barite powder can be commonly used in construction, chemical, engineering and some other heavy industry. We are usually produced barite powder by making a barite grinding machine. But do you know? Barite powder also can be utilized in many other areas, barite powder even can be used in some light industry.


Nowadays, there are lots of textile companys are using the barite powder in their industry, because, the barite powder could make the cloth turn more compact, that the cloth is not easy to creased, and the cloth which was added the barite powder is more strength than other cloth, thereby improving the quality of the cloth . The cloth which produces in this way is as smooth as silk, and the cloth is difficult to break. This cloth is not easy to off-line, has become the preferred raw material cloth of various clothing enterprises. Of course, because the textile industry is different from heavy industry, there is a higher requirement of the barite grinding machine on health.


barite grinding machine


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