How to Improve The Work Efficiency of Barite Grinding Mill

As we all know barite resources is one popular materials of ore resources in the grinding area. But which kind of grinding mill we should choose in our daily processing, this will obey the customer demand. And about how to improve the work efficiency of barite grinding mill, there are three points we should know:

1. The humidity of barite material: the micro powder grinding mill is mainly suitable for coke, kaolin, bentonite, pyrauxite, shale, gypsum, graphite, silicon carbide and other 100 kinds of materials which hardness under grade 6 and humidity is under 6%. But we also avoid the materials too dry. If we want to improve the work efficiency of our grinding mill, we must choose the machine that suitable our demand.

barite grinding mill

2. The rate of electric current: barite grinding mill is running rely on the motor, an important factor is the rate of the motor electric current, when the electric current is increased, the grinding mill energe input also will be increased, and the increase of energy input will lead to equipment speed, so the rate of work efficiency will be increased. But the scope of the electric current increase is limited, so the user can not exceed the range of the barite grinding mill, otherwise it is easy to cause damage of the machine.

3. The grinding fineness of materials: in processing of barite grinding mill, the fineness of finished product could be adjustment between 325mesh to 3000mesh, but when the fineness of the finish product is more and more lager, the output will be reduced. So if we want to save time of processing, we could set one barite crusher before the barite grinding mill, which can improve work efficiency of grinding mill.

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