How to Increase the Production of Barite Grinding Mill

Barite Grinding Mill of Shanghai Clirik, is famous for its dealing with stone, ore and shale with a high amount of soil. The size of finished product is in line with the requirements of particle size and shape of renewable building materials production, which substantial increases recycling rate of garbage. Effectiveness and value of Barite Grinding Mill is for all to see, so sales volume has been rising.
For how to improve the yield of Barite Grinding Mill, we share the following methods with you.

First, you should control the feeding speed of Barite Grinding Mill. When you start Barite Grinding Mill, and the speed reaches the prescribed standards, then start on the feeder, you should master a certain speed of Barite Grinding Mill at feeding time. Keep a uniform feeding, not too slow and not too fast.

Barite Grinding Mill

Second, as far as possible to avoid the humidity of materials into the Barite Grinding Mill, which is to avoid blocking.

Third, place Barite Grinding Mill in a flat position to ensure safe work.

When Barite Grinding Mill works, it must have staff beside it. On the one hand, this is to ensure uninterrupted raw material, On the other hand, this is to prevent instability of voltage, which avoids unnecessary milling phenomena and loss. And, do not make Barite Grinding Mill work for ultra-long to time.


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