How to Handle The Problem of Barite Grinder-The Room’s High Temperature

 Grinders, for example, barite grinder, are main products of Shanghai Clirik Machinery. During operation, grinders have activities of high frequency and are Suffered from the impact force. You know, summer is coming, so the problem will be more serious. If you don’t solve this problem, it will greatly harm the life of barite grinder. How to solve the problem? You know, high temperature has a close relationship with airtight case and creamy degree of the rolls of the grinder. So according to it, we take barite grinder as an example to produce several measures.

First, we should buy good lubricant, in addition, standardize the operation of adding lubricating oil to the barite grinder. This is because many companies know lubricating not enough. They think that lubricating means adding oil. And they think that the problem does not occur during lubrication. When the barite grinder is broken, they generally won’t suspect a problem with the lubricating oil. Research shows, if we Add high-performance lubricant additives or use as a carrier in the lubricating oil to barite grinder, various films and coatings will be formed in the boundary lubrication friction, which can successfully resolve the problem of low-speed, overloading and lubrication.

Barite High Pressure Mill

Second, since the lubrication, mechanical seal and are indispensable, we must ensure that the chamber of barite grinder is sealed. If the sealing work is not done well, the problem of high temperature of barite grinder will still not to be solved.

Barite grinder
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