Barite grinding mill drive the industry development

In recent years, the rapid development of the domestic economy, increase the amount of resources exploitation, in particular the development of scarce resources gradually increase. Our country has stepped up efforts to control the use of resources. Barite is barium sulfate as the main component of non-metallic minerals, barite grinding mill after grinding processing, in the industrial field as a very important non-metallic mineral raw materials. When some of the oil wells, gas wells drilled as drilling mud weighting agent, to prevent the blowout event; processing into zinc barium white pigments, as paints, paints raw materials; barite powder filler added to the paint industry may also increase the film thickness, strength and durability, the paper industry, rubber and plastics industries barite powder added to enhance the rubber and plastics hardness, wear resistance and resistance to aging; barite cement industry as a mineralizing agent, can produce calcium, energy-saving, early strength and high strength cement.
barite grinding mill
Clirik grinding mill plant based on the physical and chemical properties of barite.barite powder series launched a production line equipment to meet the various needs of different production areas, this series of mills have HGM barite grinding mill, YGM barite raymond mill, barite ultrafine grinding mill, high pressure hanging roller mill, barite crusher, medium-speed micro powder mill. Medium-speed micro powder mill capable of processing the raw material to 2,500 mesh airflow than conventional mill and mixing mill production increased 40%. Vertical roller mill to avoid the disadvantages of high consumption and low production of traditional industrial milling machine, set drying, grinding, separator, upgrade in one, easy production to meet customer demand, especially in large industrial grinding process, but also highlight the unique advantages of the device. Raymond has many years of research and production experience, through continuous technological improvements and improved structure tends to perfect, systematic, through constant innovation, and production of high pressure suspension mill and Super pressure trapezium mill, performance and yield than raymond Mill more consistent. The grinding mill for barite processing, not only to achieve the courier efficiently complete processing tasks, along with good after-sales service equipment, barite grinding mill is customers the first choose milling equipment.

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