3 industrial uses of barite powder and 3 ways to make barite powder

According to different uses, the price difference of barite after processing into powder is relatively large, mainly for three major purposes.


1. Paint, zinc bismuth, ordinary glass and rubber filler:

Production of paint (BaSO4: 90 ~ 95%), barite powder filler can increase film thickness, strength and durability. Need less than 325 mesh, requiring high whiteness
Production of zinc antimony white (BaSO4: 95 to 98%) SiO2 <1%, the less the Al2O3, the better. The preparation of zinc-white barite requires a BaSO4 content of greater than 95% and should not contain visible colored debris.
Ordinary glass (BaSO4: >96%) SiO2<1.5%, Al2O3<0.15%
The rubber filler (BaSO4: >98%) is less than 325 mesh and must not contain Mn, Cu or Pb impurities.

2. Chemical barite powder index

Project indicator percentage
BaSO4SiO2Fe2O3Al2O3 water soluble salt
Class I 95<1.5<0.5<1<0.3
Level II 90<2.5<1.5<2<1.0
Level III 85<2.5<1.5<2<1.0

3. Oil drilling grade barite powder index (90% use)

Project indicator
Density, g/cm ≥ 4.2
Fineness, -200 mesh%
-325 mesh%≥97
Water soluble matter, %≤0.1
Clay effect, Pa.s ≤ 0.125
Barium sulfate content, %≥90
Now subdivided, barite powder is also used in pesticides, steel surface quenching, phosphors, fluorescent lamps, fluxes, grease additives, etc.
Paving materials stress the buried pipelines in the marshes, replacing the lead plates for shielding of nuclear facilities, atomic energy plants, X-ray laboratories, etc., extending the life of the pavement

Barite Powder Grinding Mills

For barite powder making,there are three main kinds of grinding mills for your choice:
PCC Hammer Millless than 3mm barite powder making, 8-70 t/h
YGM Raymond Mill50-450 mesh barite powder making, 1-25 t/h
HGM Micro Powder Grinding Mill : 300-2500 mesh barite powder grinding, 0.5-45 t/h
 2500 mesh HGM barite grinding mill
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For anti-radiation mortar and concrete barite, the content of BaSO4 should be no less than 80%, and the impurities such as gypsum, pyrite, sulfide and sulfate should not exceed 7%.

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