How to choose a reasonable barite powder grinding machine?

HGM series barite powder grinding machine is an efficient, stable, energy-saving and environment-friendly barite powder equipment exclusively produced by our company.
The non-metallic mineral powder grinding mill can be widely used for medium and low hardness, ultra-fine powder processing of non-flammable and explosive brittle materials with Mohs' hardness ≤6, such as calcite, chalk, limestone, barite, carbon black, kaolin, bentonite, talc, mica, magnesite, illite, pyrophyllite, More than 100 kinds of materials such as vermiculite, sepiolite, attapulgite, rectorite, diatomaceous earth, barite, gypsum, alum, graphite, fluorite, phosphate rock, potash, pumice, etc. The finished product has an arbitrarily adjusted particle size between 325 and 3000 mesh and a throughput of 0.5-15 tons per hour.
Since the barite powder equipment has relatively requirements on the particle size of the material in the work process, the barite powder equipment is suitable for the fine grinding stage, so the size of the material to be conveyed by the feeding device is required to be small and fine. . In the grinding of minerals, in order to distinguish from the traditional barite powder equipment, the grinding machine added to the fittings is usually called a barite powder machine, for example, a micro-powder mill. Generally speaking, the milling equipment has a certain requirement for the material of the material to be fed. That is to say, if you want to obtain higher work efficiency and reduce unnecessary loss, you need to filter the particle size and raw materials of the material during beneficiation.
In general, the loss of barite powder equipment appears on the accessories inside it, such as the grinding roller of the powder equipment, etc. The timely maintenance and supplementation is very effective for the grinding efficiency and effect of the barite powder equipment. important. However, in any case, only choose the right equipment, according to the actual situation of the material, the specific properties of the material, such as: hardness, content, etc., select the appropriate equipment, and often maintain the cleaning equipment, in order to achieve good work efficiency, the time of use longer.
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