10hp pulverizer mill price for barite grinding

A pulverizer mill price with an output of 10 tons per hour, processing 100-200 mesh fine powder, suitable for grinding barite, limestone, ceramics, slag, bentonite, coke and other Mohs hardness is not greater than 9.3, humidity is below 6% Non-flammable and explosive materials. The high-pressure mill is suitable for high-precision milling of more than 280 materials in mining, metallurgy, chemical, building materials and other industries. The finished particle size of the high-pressure mill is adjusted in the range of 80-425 mesh (the finest can reach 1000 mesh).

Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional industrial mill manufacturer. The single ore mill with an output of 10 tons per hour is MTM1600 high-pressure grinding mill. The output of 200 mesh barite is stable at about 10 tons It once set a record of 15 tons per hour. The total installed power is about 300kw.

10hp pulverizer mill price for barite grinding
MTM1600 high-pressure grinding mill

The working principle of the high-pressure mill:

After the material is sent to the grinding area of ​​the large 6r mill, the blade is used to scoop the material into the grinding belt formed by the grinding roller and the ring. The high-pressure spring is installed in the grinding device, which increases the grinding pressure between the grinding roller and the grinding ring by 1.2 times. At the same time, the frequency of the back-and-forth swing of the grinding roller device is reduced, which increases the stability and significantly improves the working efficiency of the mill. . Under the action of the circulating air, the ground material will enter the analyzer for the first time with the airflow rising, and then return to the host for re-grinding if it does not meet the requirements, and the particles that meet the requirements will enter the cyclone powder collector with the airflow for detachment. It is discharged from the discharge port, and the air flow returns to the fan. During the grinding process, a proper amount of airflow is circulated inside the machine through a pipe device, and the excess airflow formed by the evaporation of water in the material enters the return air pipe and is discharged after being purified by a bag filter or pulse dust collector.

Advantages of MTM1600 high pressure grinding mill:

1. The fineness of the high-pressure mill can be adjusted at any time according to needs, and the fineness of the product is good.
2. The mill equipment has a complete set of systems. The built-in grading system is designed to complete the two processes of ultra-fine crushing and ultra-fine segmentation. It is equipped with a high-efficiency cyclone separator and a dust collection system. Ideal equipment for cleaner production.
3.The operating performance of industrial mill equipment is stable and reliable, and it can continuously produce normally.
4.The dust removal effect of the mill completely meets the environmental protection requirements for dust emission standards.

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