What is the reason for the coarseness of the barite ultrafine mill?

We all know that barite ultrafine grinding mill is mainly used in the crushing equipment of metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and other mineral products. The particle size of the finished grinding powder can be adjusted arbitrarily between 325 mesh and 1800 mesh. However, some customers have reported that the ultra-fine grinding machine is coarse and can not meet the customer's fineness requirements, and does not reach the fineness of the instruction manual, which seriously affects the economic benefits.

Here, we will help you solve the problem of coarse grinding of the barite ultrafine mill. First of all, we must follow the requirements of the instructions, to install equipment to debug, do not follow their own ideas or subjective judgment to determine, if necessary, we can find some professional engineers to consult, mill machine grinding powder This may be due to two factors:

1. The blade of the analyzer is seriously worn. We know that the main function of the blade of the analyzer is to analyze the finished material. If the blade of the analyzer is seriously worn, the finished product cannot be analyzed, so it may cause the ultrafine mill to grind. Crude. Therefore, we should change the blades at the same time to ensure normal analysis.

2. The air volume of the fan is not suitable. When the air volume of the fan is not suitable, the large or small will affect the fineness of the finished material, so adjust the air volume of the fan to make it suitable. The above two points are the reasons that may cause the ultrafine mill to grind coarsely. If your device encounters the same problem in the future, you can follow the method described above and hope to help you.

barite ultrafine grinding mill

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