How to choose a grinding machine for 325 mesh barite powder making?

For 325 mesh barite powder making ,there are many types of grinding mills can be choosed:Raymond mill, Ultrafine powder grinding mill, ball mill...

325 mesh barite grinding mill

1.Raymond mill

Raymond mill.jpg

2.Ultrafine powder grinding mill

ultrafine powder grinding mill.jpg

3.Ball mill

ball mill.jpg

Barite is a non-metallic ore with a glass luster and is usually white or light yellow in color. Barite is widely used in chemical, light industry, building materials, glass and other industrial fields. Barite can be used as a cosolvent for glass production, as a filler for paints, rubber, plastics, etc., with industrial fields. With the rapid development, the prospect of using barite will be more and more broad.

Barite can be used as a white pigment, and can also be used in chemical, paper, textile fillers. It can act as a flux and increase the brightness of glass in glass production, but it is mainly used as a weighting agent in the drilling industry. Refined. In addition, barite can also be applied to zinc antimony pigments, various antimony compounds, filler industries, mineralizers for cement industry, anti-radiation cement, mortar and concrete, road construction and many other fields. The barite and the oil are blended and applied to the cloth base to make the tarpaulin; the barite powder is used to refine the kerosene; the digestive tract contrast agent is used in the pharmaceutical industry; the pesticide, the leather, the fireworks and the like can also be prepared. In addition, barite is also used as an extraction metal crucible for use as a getter and binder for televisions and other vacuum tubes. Barium is alloyed with other metals for bearing manufacturing

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