What is the factory price of Barite Grinding Mill?

Barite is the main industrial mineral raw material for the preparation of antimony and telluride, such as barium carbonate, antimony chloride, antimony white, antimony hydroxide and barium oxide. These chemicals are mainly used for white pigments, rubber fillers, ceramics, In terms of optical glass, barite powder is mainly used as a weighting agent for petroleum and natural gas and drilling mud, and can be used as a filler for paper, paint, and the like. Because barite has the ability to absorb γ-rays, it can be used as a hospital anti-X-ray building for concrete aggregates and shielded nuclear reactors.


 Barite Grinding Mill

The most important concern for customers who need to purchase barite mills is the price of barite grinding mill. Regarding the price issue, for the manufacturer of barite grinding mill, the ex-factory price is the sales price. If it is a trading company, the sales price will be much higher, because they need to go to the manufacturer to get the goods, plus profits to sell.


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