What are the highlights of the vertical roller mill?

Vertical roller mil is used to process calcium carbonate by rotating the central axis to drive it.The center axis is above the plum blossom frame. The grinding roller device fulfills the role of the fulcrum and not only rotates around the center, but also the grinding roller rotates around the grinding ring.While the roller is rotating, it will rotate due to friction. The underside of the plum blossom frame is a blade. Its position is under the roller. The blade rotates with the roller at the same time. The material is fed between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, forming bedding layer.The material layer is crushed by the pressing force generated by the rotation of the grinding roller, so as to achieve the purpose of milling.

Barite Grinding Machine

With the country's policy of promoting environmental protection and ecological environment, we are also actively responding to the call of the country. Our company's own research and development and production of vertical mills (Barite Grinding Machine) are deeply loved by the majority of powder manufacturers. Environmental performance is excellent, and the cost-performance ratio is also very high.

Because barite has a wide range of uses, it is generally used in the construction industry as a coating material. Adding it to a coating can form a composite material with high strength, which will greatly increase her performance. Barite has swelling properties and absorbs water. So it can be used as a thickener, adhesives, etc., the rational use of barite to improve the performance of building materials, you can effectively reduce the cost of materials, save resources.

The use value of Barite Grinding Machine is relatively high. The whole machine adopts automatic operation. Under the same fineness, compared with the previous Ring Roller Mill, the output is larger, and the maximum output can reach 50,000 tons or more per year.

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