Why Your Final Powder Produced by Barite Grinding Mill will be in Unbalanced Particle?

Barite grinding mill is customized for processing stone powder, which has wide application, high production efficiency, small space and easy operation and so on. There will inevitably arise some problems after it being used for a long time, for example, the final stone powder will be in unbalanced particle. What is the reason?

barite grinding mill

If there is something problem in powder fineness, we need to firstly check the blower of barite grinding mill, because if the blower too large or too small, the final product fineness will be different. Then the classifier. The classifier is used to select raw materials. If there is something wrong in classifier, the selection efficiency will be slow down. That’s why the final fineness will in unbalanced particle.

barite grinding mill

Last but not least, if grinding roller and grinding ring of barite grinding mill wear too much, well raw materials can not be ground completely, which will also lead to unbalanced particle. In terms of this, we need to do check work and regular maintenance, which will decrease the bug effectively.

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