Is the Price of Barite Grinding Mill in Shanghai Higher Than In Other Places?

Barite grinding mill is a kind of irreplaceable powder processing machine in mining industry, having become the strong driving force in our economy growth and continuously step up its developing steps. However the price in different regions will also be different. Come customers inquiry that, is the price of barite grinding mill in Shanghai higher than in other places?

barite grinding mill

First of all, it displays in technique. Actually, the barite grinding mill will take advantage of the centrifugal force to process powder, especially for brittle raw materials with Moh’s hardness under 6. It includes covering cylinder, grinding ring, volute, pumpdown hole and helicopter etc. In the upper side of covering cylinder there equipped with fineness classifier, mainly to resolve the unqualified powder fineness and lower fineness problems, with product fineness adjusting from 300 mesh to 3000 mesh.

barite grinding mill

As for the investment of human labor, the investment in Shanghai will be higher, employing carbon steel introduced from abroad. The workers will be more professional and the manufacturer will be in large scale. Consequently the price of barite grinding mill in Shanghai will be a little higher than in other places. But they will not overbid instead they will make reasonable price according to the practical condition.


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