300-3000mesh barite grinding mill different types

In the powder processing industry, 300-3000mesh barite powder is relatively common and can process 300 mesh barite grinding mill equipment also have many milling machines, such as the barite Raymond mill, high pressure mill, etc., it can be used for processing fineness of 300 mesh, and sieve through rate, basically process once become material.
300-3000mesh barite grinding mill, which has several choices? 300 mesh fineness is not high, barite raymond mill processing range between 80-325 mesh, 300 mesh material is very simple process, and the yield is relatively large.
Another option is to barite ultrafine grinding mill, processing capabilities of the device Bilei Meng mill stronger highest powder fineness can reach 3,000 head. Compared to other devices, the higher the yield of ultrafine mill, when large equipment can produce up to 30 tons.
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