In Order to Process Barite into 1500-2500 Mesh, Which Grinding Mill Should you Choose?

In order to process Barite into 1500-2500 mesh powder, which grinding mill should you choose? As a matter of fact, we have customized barite grinding mill. Processing high fineness powder needs grinding mill with supreme performance, the general grinding mill can not meet this high requirements.


barite grinding mill


We have launched different types of barite grinding mills. They can process barite into coarse powder with 0-80 mesh fineness, fine powder with 80-400 mesh fineness, micro powder with 400-1250 mesh fineness and superfine powder with 1250-3250 mesh fineness. The discharging granularity range can be adjusted. Among all the equipment, we can choose coarse powder grinding mill, vertical roller mill, micro powder grinding mill or HGM barite grinding mill. It is obvious that choose Clirik customized barite grinding mill to process 1500-2500 barite powder is the best choice.


Shanghai Clirik micro powder grinding mill has absorbed advanced science and technique from home and abroad. On the basis of traditional grinding mill, we have exploited large scale vertical barite grinding mill that suits the development requirements of non-ores industry. First of all, it has improved the level in product fineness; secondly, in terms of environmental protection and energy saving, we should make dust abolishing measure to guarantee high efficiency and production. It can be widely applied to process calcite, barite, limestone, kaolin, calcium carbonate and so on.


Over the past decades of years, Shanghai Clirik has won good reputation from thousands of customers and has also brought back rich value returns and satisfy the construction requirements. Wanna know more details about our machine? Welcome to leave your messages on our website. Waiting for you~ 

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