Barite Grinding Machine Processing Technology

Barite is the most common mineral, its composition is barium sulfate. Produced in epithermal veins, Barite is also produced in the sedimentary rocks, nodule appears, and more present in sedimentary manganese beds and shallow water of muddy, sandy sedimentary rocks.
According to the industry needs barite processing grinding mill after 325 mesh and finer barite ultra-fine powder has a good market, the grain size range of processing technology has become a mainstream technology barite processing. 1. Barite block start with small chunks of jaw crusher or impact crusher crushed to a suitable mill feed size. 2. After the break, particle size suitable materials are transferred to the European version of the T-shaped device or medium-speed T-shaped grinding mill,barite grinding machines and other equipment. 3. Barite block particles in the mill grinding,qualified after the powder was collected by grader, qualified powder will re-grinding. The packaging of the finished material storage.
Application of barite:
1, drilling mud weighting agent: barite powder currently the main use is for drilling mud weighting agent, fineness of 325 mesh or more generally to achieve, requiring specific gravity greater than 4.2, BaSO4 content of 90-95%, soluble salts less than 1%.
2, lithopone pigments: Lithopone is a white pigment used in high-quality, can be used as paint, paints materials. Preparation of pigment lithopone barite requires fine of at least 1250 or more, BaSO4 content greater than 95%, the whiteness requirements generally 90 or more.
3, various barium compounds: as a raw material can be manufactured with barite oxide, barium carbonate, barium chloride, barium nitrate, precipitated barium sulfate, barium hydroxide and other chemicals. Fineness is generally about 800 mesh.
4, paint filler: barite powder filler may increase the film thickness, strength and durability. Lithopone white pigment used in the manufacture of paint, for indoor use than white lead, magnesium White has more advantages. Paint for industrial use of barite required fineness 2000 mesh more than 95 whiteness.
5, paper, rubber and plastics industries packing: This filler can improve rubber and plastic hardness, wear resistance and resistance to aging. Fineness requirements are generally between 500 head to 1,250 head.
6, anti-ray cement, mortar and concrete: such uses more than the major use of barite characteristics of low impurity content requirements, not whiteness basic demands to the proportion of 4.2 or more, and the fineness of 325 mesh in general.
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