Small Problems of Barite Grinding Mill Leads to Big Malfunction

Barite grinding mill is the common equipment to process raw materials into micro powder, which is widely used in numerous industries. If we overlook the small problems big malfunction will make, which will affect the production.


barite grinding mill.jpg


What is the problem of barite grinding mill that we are most easily to overlook? That is air leakage. Some users always complain that the productivity is very low, which will affect the productivity or the yield is getting lower and there always exists failures. Actually it is caused by the air leakage that we can not hear and listen to.


Why the air leakage will affect the output of barite grinding mill? It is determined by the air separation principle. Air quantity determines the output. If the cyclone air collecting machine exist the air leakage, then most of the air and dust will be blew into the dust catcher, which will leads to the low output.


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