Influence Factors of Barite Grinding Mill Price

Barite grinding mill price is not a fixed value, also won't stand still, because the device quality, market competition, manufacture power, expected profit will affect the equipment prices, such specific analysis is as follows:


barite grinding mill


1. The quality of equipment

There is little doubt that equipment quality is the fundamental factor that influences barite grinding mill price. Good quality equipment may cost higher in technology, materials and artificial things and the price will be higher, but it has better effect and better performance, which makes greater profits for customers. If the customer buy low quality equipment just for the temporary low price, then the application effect of course can be imagined and generally do not create considerable profits for users.

2. The market competition

Numerous domestic barite grinding mill factory ranges from Shanghai, Shandong province, Henan province, Zhejiang province, Hunan province, Hebei province and so on. There is fierce competition between each manufacturer, especially in Henan region, manufacturers takes up more than half of the total number of the country, the competition form is more obvious. Therefore, the equipment price is cheaper than other cities.

3. Manufacturer power

Production strength is vary from each manufacturer and naturally provide different equipment price. The manufacturers that sell directly and have independent research and development, production capacity will provide equipment whose price is lower than the second and third level dealers, because the latter does not have enough strength but mainly rely on buying in equipment from a big manufacturer to earn a certain price before selling to customers. Consequently, the price will be higher.

4. Expected profit

Expected profits of manufacturers to equipment will affect the price, the higher the expected profit, the higher the barite grinding mill price. On the other hand, the manufacturers with strong strength mainly focus on sales quantity and they set relatively lower profit value of the single machine, consequently, the price will also be cheaper.


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