Barite investment prospect analysis

 Barite is mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, paint, packing and other industrial department, of which 80 ~ 90% is used in heavy weight additive of oil drilling.Barite powder is mainly used to note oil drilling, in rotary mud weight additive of oil and gas wells to cool drill, take away the cutting debris,lubricate drill stem, close pore wall, control oil and gas pressure and prevent oil eruption.


barite grinding mill


With the development of the times, human being has increased demand for barite, besides it is applied more widely.In the process of grinidng and crushing of barite, we need to use different types of crusher to proceed its preliminary crushing into different particle size,which makes barite convenient to grind and process through grinding mill.Then it grinds the particle size into different fineness by different types of mill, thus it can be effectively made full use of in different fields.


Due to using different raw materials from traditional paper making, related experts believe that the stone paper making based on inorganic materials in paper making industry, which relatively slightly pollutes the environment and destories the resources,is an environmental protection industry. Therefore it is expected to replace the traditional paper products that is mainly focused on the organic material and plant material.All projects that have already stopped or are going to be implemented have made full use of local stone resources.

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